Time for you, Time for your family.

Boston Scientific’s Leave of Absence program provides you with both paid and unpaid time to help meet your needs and the needs of your family including different type of leave such as:

  • Parental – All new parents working at locations within the EMEA Region will be eligible for a minimum of 18 weeks fully paid leave, to be taken during the first year of the child’s birth or adoption. This policy provides a minimum leave guaranteed by Boston Scientific and does not limit any greater or additional benefits that may be provided under local law or existing policy. If your local country offers a paid leave in excess of this period, you will remain eligible to this legal benefit. The EMEA Paid Parental Leave Policy is available HERE.
    For further information, the German Parental Leave Annex is available HERE.


  • Illness Capacity – Boston Scientific will pay for the first six weeks of illness incapacity as per law, a doctor’s certificate must be provided for this period. If our illness lasts longer than 6 weeks, and you have three years of service with company (at the beginning of your illness) you can apply for an additional sick pay allowance. This is done by emailing your local HR partner and providing all necessary documents to support your request. The allowance, if granted, covers the difference between statutory sick payment and 100% of net base salary.
  • Long-term Disability – If an employee leaves due to disability as statutory, Boston Scientific grants a pension for the duration of the disability. If the employee leaves Boston Scientific before reaching retirement age due to long term disability, he or she will receive a disability pension (details included in pension scheme, level of pension pay depends individually).
  • Special Leave – Boston Scientific will provide paid leave as per the below life events and bereavement:
Your wedding/register of life partnership 2 Days
Birth of your child 2 Days
Wedding of your child parent or sibling 1 Days
Your silver wedding anniversary 1 Days
House move 2 Days
Death of your spouse/registered partner 3 Days
Death of your child 2 Days
Death of your parents 2 Days
Death of your parents-in-law 1 Days
Death of your sibling 1 Days

Request for holidays time or special leave is managed through a specific process and any request should be made via the FIGGO online portal. To find more information on vacation, please refer to the Work flex, Vacation, and Holiday section.