Attention to your Pension!

You may think you have plenty of time before you will need to use your Retirement Account..... But don’t leave it to the last minute — start now with an active plan!

Check out our Summary Leaflet on the questions to be considering now and the accompanying Jargon Buster Leaflet.

You will find lots of useful information about the scheme, the investments and your own personal details on the Member Website Link.

If you haven’t already done so register on the site today using your unique Membership Number advised to you by AON

If you are having issues registering for the website, first have a look at the Registration Video Guide to see if it helps. We also have a generic FAQ Web Page here which might be of assistance.

Your Aon Team

About the AON Pension Scheme: 

Boston Scientific offers a Group Personal Pension Plan with AON. Retirement benefits are voluntary if under 25 and for employees over 25 it is compulsorily. AON write to all newly eligible employees explaining how and where to join through website. AON provides an annual benefits statement and you can also find your details online.

To join the plan you must pay a minimum of 1% of your salary, you can pay additional voluntary contributions on top of this, BSC will double your contributions up to certain limits. Please refer to the My Contributions page on your AON account to find out how much the company matches.