Time for you, Time for your family.

Boston Scientific’s Leave of Absence program provides you with both paid and unpaid time to help meet your needs and the needs of your family including different type of leave such as:


  • Breast feeding/return to work : One hour per workday until the baby is 9 months old if taken during the day or 30 minutes per workday if taken at the beginning or end of the workday. These hours can be accumulated and taken as an additional 3 weeks following the maternity leave (this period is included into the EMEA minimum Paid Parental Leave Policy).
  • Parental Leave : All new parents working at locations within the EMEA Region will be eligible for a minimum of 18 weeks fully paid leave, to be taken during the first year of the child’s birth or adoption. This policy provides a minimum leave guaranteed by Boston Scientific. Other additional benefits that may be provided under local law or existing policy (such as breast feeding weeks, are included in the parental period provided by Boston Scientific). If your local country offers a paid leave in excess of this period, you will remain eligible to this legal benefit.The EMEA Paid Parental Leave Policy is available HERE and Local specifics for Spain are available HERE. Please reach out to local HR for more information. 
  • Short Term Disability : Salary continuation with a maximum length of payment following social security regulations. The company increases the social security pay so the employee receives 100% of salary.
  • Sabbatical Leave Policy / Request Form

Vacation time/Holiday is managed through a specific process and any request should be made via the online portal. To find more information on vacation, please refer to the Work flex, Vacation, and Holiday section.