Employees are entitled to 25 days per year, increasing to 27 after 5 years’ service (commencing in the 6th year).

Holiday year runs from January to December. If an employee joins mid-way through the year, their holiday entitlement will be pro-rated.

Holiday requests should be agreed by the employee’s line manager and a maximum of 5 days can be carried over to the following year with prior approval of the employee’s line manager & HR. Carry over must be taken by 31st March the following year.

The company recognises the importance of a work life integration, and therefore, now operates a policy allowing all employees (UK & Southern Ireland) to 'buy' or 'sell' holiday days, subject to certain conditions. The maximum amount an employee working 5 days a week can sell in any one holiday year is 5 days, and the maximum amount of additional leave that an employee working 5 days a week can buy in any one year is 10 days. For part-time employees (those working less than 5 days a week), the manimum amount of annual leave an employee can buy or sell will be on a pro-rata basis.

Boston Scientific is committed to balancing an employee’s need for flexibility wherever possible, without compromising business needs. It is part of the BSC Policy to facilitate where possible a homeworking arrangement as part of an ongoing effort to recognize the diverse needs of our workforce.