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At-home COVID-19 test coverage:

The nationwide public health emergency (PHE) has been extended due to COVID-19 for an additional 90 days, effective from January 16, 2022 through April 15, 2022. 

All U.S. Employees: Every home in the U.S. is eligible to request four free FDA-approved rapid antigen COVID-⁠19 at-home tests. Orders will usually ship in 7-12 days. You may order here.

Effective January 15, 2022, each covered member can receive up to eight COVID-19 at-home tests per month. Below details coverage under the Boston Scientific plans.

  • UMR Members: Coverage for OTC antigen test kits will be provided under the OptumRx Pharmacy benefit partnered with your UMR Medical plan.
    • Members will receive full coverage for the OTC, at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests ($0 member cost) when purchased using their OptumRx prescription insurance member ID card at a preferred pharmacy.
      • Test kits purchased online or at a non-preferred pharmacy or retailer will be reimbursed up to $12 per test. Members will be asked to pay for shipping if they place orders for home delivery of kits.
    • Members can submit claims to OptumRx for reimbursement of tests purchased on or after January 15, 2022. It is highly recommended that members leverage the online reimbursement option.
    • Please visit the OptumRx test information site for the current list of preferred network pharmacies and approved covered test kits and contact OptumRx at 844-368-8737 or MyQHealth at 855-649-3857 for questions.
  • Kaiser Members: Kaiser will reimburse members for FDA-approved rapid antigen at-home tests.
    • Members can submit claims for reimbursement of tests purchased on or after January 15, 2022.
    • Review the Kaiser site for additional information and learn more about supply, testing and vaccination.

Mental Health Resources:

  • Review the Guide to Your Mental Health Coverage - please note that the below Teladoc and Telehealth waived cost-share in response to COVID-19 are not captured within this guide. 
  • Telehealth Services (video health visits): Tele-health services offer convenience and the ability to avoid visiting a hospital, clinic or medical office for non-life-threatening and non-urgent health situations. Appointments are available on-demand, 24/7 via phone or online video consultations:

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