Well-being SharePoint Site andYammer Group

Visit and subscribe to find well-being resources for your entire household and stay connected with colleagues across the many topics available: Emotional, Financial, Family, Working Caregivers, Self-Care, Life-Work Harmony, Mindfulness, Leading through a Crisis, Developing Yourself and Virtual Volunteering. Use this guide to access from a mobile device.


With the transition away from the ahealthyme wellness program, we’ve been provided an opportunity to thoughtfully craft a Wellbeing Program that meets employee needs and interests while aligning to BSC’s values and goals.

Wellbeing is a complex combination of many dimensions (physical, emotional and social to name a few) and is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. It makes sense that influencers of wellbeing are as unique as our employees. So, what's the plan for our 2020 program?

Our first step was to conduct a Wellbeing Survey - asking you what you need, want and have an interest gauge what has worked well and what we may want to enhance. Thank you to the 4,000+ US employees who took the time to respond - we'll be sharing results shortly!

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